Shiva and the pink harness

Shiva was happy. She was getting ready for a day out. Shiva’s mummy put Shiva in her bright pink harness. Shiva looked smart. Shiva wagged her tail. They were going for a walk in the woods.

It was a windy day. Shiva’s ears flapped in the breeze. Shiva sniffed the air. She could smell mushroomy earth. She could hear twigs snapping.

Shiva was running and bounding. Shiva jumped and leapt. Shiva played with sticks. Her mummy threw them far away and Shiva brought them back.

Shiva loved leaves best. Shiva found a big heap and jumped in. Shiva rolled around. The leaves tickled. Shiva giggled. She was happy.

Mummy threw another stick. Shiva chased it deep into the dark forest. Mummy couldn’t see Shiva. Where was she? Mummy called for Shiva.

“Shiva! Shiva!”

Shiva came back. But what had happened? Shiva was not wearing her bright pink harness any more. Where could it be? How did it come off? It was a mystery.

“Oh Shiva. You have lost your bright pink harness. What have you done with it?”

“Don’t worry Shiva. It can’t be far. Let’s go and find it. All we have to do is go back to where you were when you lost it.”

Shiva ran ahead. Mummy followed. They looked high and low. They looked from side to side. They looked up and down. Mummy saw a big pile of leaves. She remembered that Shiva liked leaves. She moved them with her foot. Guess what she saw? Yes, you’re right. She saw Shiva’s bright pink harness in the leaves.

“Oh Shiva, it must have come off when you were rolling around in the leaves.” Mummy said. Shiva was happy to have found it again.


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