A new home for Shiva

Shiva was lonely. She lived on the streets in a town called Sofia. People were kind to her and fed her when she was hungry but she was desperate to find a family who would take her in and love her. One day, a van arrived in Sofia, and a kind lady took Shiva to a rescue centre. At the centre, a vet looked at Shiva and said she was fit to travel to Bonn in Germany where there was room for her in another animal shelter.

Shiva was put in a cage with another dog called Drago. Drago was from Spain. Together, they wished for a family who would adopt them.

One day, a man and a lady arrived at the animal shelter. They were looking for a dog to complete their family. They looked around at all of the dogs and decided that they would like to meet Shiva. They took her on a short walk and very quickly decided that she was the dog for them.

In the office, Mr & Mrs Davidson filled out the very important paperwork. Then they bought a bright pink harness, a lead, some dog food and a bed. They were ready to take her home. Shiva was nervous and excited. She wondered what her new life would bring. But she knew that whatever happened, she was grateful for her fresh start.

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