Shiva and the Squirrel Thief

Shiva watches with a steely gaze.

squirrel 5

What’s happening Shiva?

The squirrel is back again. The squirrel thief is on the balcony. He’s come to steal the bird seed.

Shiva watches with a steely gaze.

squirrel 3

The squirrel thief considers for a moment how best to do the robbery.

Shiva watches with a steely gaze.

With a flick of his tail and a springy bound, the squirrel thief jumps off the ground and into the bird house.

squirrel 2

Shiva growls.

The squirrel spies her with his beady eye.

He drops the seeds and almost flies into the trees.

You’ll never guess what happens later.

The seeds the squirrel dropped, fell into soil and where they stopped, they grew into plants for the birds and bees to savour.

Squirrel thief did them a favour.




Check out the squirrel thief here:

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