Shiva loves tea

Up and down. Round about. High and low. Over and under.


Shiva gallops up muddy banks and scurries back down through piles of dry crispy leaves.


Shiva chases her tail.


Up to the top of the hills, clinging on with her claws. And back down again!


Shiva leaps over logs. She is a chinkara! She is fast.


All this work makes Shiva thirsty.


But where is the stream?


Shiva’s tongue is hanging out. She is panting. She is hot.


Shiva is a steaming Chinkara.


“Come Shiva”


There is no sign of Shiva. Mummy and Daddy are worried. Where could she be?


They keep on walking towards the top of the mountain. There is a tearoom there. They can rest and call for her again.


“Come Shiva”


No sign.


But wait……………..


Could it be?


Yes, it is Shiva. Shiva is in the tearoom. The waitress has filled up a bowl with chai. Shiva is lapping it up.


Shiva loves tea.















Anne Davidson

Really can’t wait to meet Shiva. So beautiful. Such energy.


I could not refrain from commenting. Well written!

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