A Husky Called Shiva

    Shiva came into our lives when we adopted her from the Albert Schweitzer animal rescue centre in Bonn, Germany. Enjoy her as much as we do! http://www.tierheimbonn.de  Read more

“Shivart” – Seb’s photo collages of Shiva

Thank you Seb! One of Shiva’s friends has made a series of photo collages of her.     We love them. What do you think? If you would like a similar collage of your pet, drop Seb a photo and he will do one for you too. Sebastian Smith is a fine art photographer andRead more

Shiva and the pink harness

Shiva was happy. She was getting ready for a day out. Shiva’s mummy put Shiva in her bright pink harness. Shiva looked smart. Shiva wagged her tail. They were going for a walk in the woods. It was a windy day. Shiva’s ears flapped in the breeze. Shiva sniffed the air. She could smell mushroomyRead more

A new home for Shiva

Shiva was lonely. She lived on the streets in a town called Sofia. People were kind to her and fed her when she was hungry but she was desperate to find a family who would take her in and love her. One day, a van arrived in Sofia, and a kind lady took Shiva toRead more

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