Shiva and Rolly pull together

Shiva and her friend Rolly are playing with a long stick. Shiva holds one end in her jaw and Rolly holds the other. They both pull. And pull. And pull. Shiva does not want to let go. Rolly does not want to let go. They run together with the stick. They jump together with the stick. They are balanced. Neither one is pulling harder than the other. Shiva growls. Rolly growls louder. They splash through the shadow water on the river bank, holding tight to each end of the stick. They are equal forces, both pulling the stick. But wait! Shiva gives one mighty pull and “BAM” , Rolly drops his end of the stick. He cannot hold on any longer when Shiva is pulling with all her might. Shiva looks proud as she prances off with HER stick!

IMG_1008 IMG_1014

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