Shiva and Rolly pull together

Shiva and her friend Rolly are playing with a long stick. Shiva holds one end in her jaw and Rolly holds the other. They both pull. And pull. And pull. Shiva does not want to let go. Rolly does not want to let go. They run together with the stick. They jump together with theRead more

Shop with Shiva!

Shiva’s coolest summer 2016 designs are ready. Get ready to Howl with a Husky Called Shiva! more

Shiva and the wedding balloon

  “Walkies! Come on Shiva,” calls Daddy. Shiva waits in her bed until Daddy is actually at the front door, shoes on, leash in hand. She knows that it takes Daddy a long time to gather all his belongings; phone, poo bags, treats, coat… “Now, where did I leave my keys? … mmmmmmmmmmmmm.” This usuallyRead more


  The Shiva Manifesto Gross national happiness will replace gross national product. Austerity will give way to generosity. Fiscal policy will be replaced by frisbee policy. There will be free dog chews for everyone. International dog days will take place globally. All dogs will have a loving home. There will be dog parks in everyRead more

Shiva says “Never Give Up Hope”

Shiva wants you all to know how much she appreciates you liking her page. When she was a poor, abandoned dog on the streets of Sofia, she could never have imagined that life could be this good. So, if you are struggling and unhappy, Shiva wants you to keep going, hang on in there andRead more

What is it Shiva?

Drip                drip                  drip                         drip                         drip                      Read more

Shiva and the Squirrel Thief

Shiva watches with a steely gaze. What’s happening Shiva? The squirrel is back again. The squirrel thief is on the balcony. He’s come to steal the bird seed. Shiva watches with a steely gaze. The squirrel thief considers for a moment how best to do the robbery. Shiva watches with a steely gaze. With aRead more

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