Shiva plays fetch

Come on. Come on. Throw it. Throw the ball. Throw it now. Did you hear me? Throw it! I’m ready. I’ll fetch it. I’ll bring it right back. I will. I promise. Come on. Throw the ball. Look at me. Can’t you see? I’m here. Throw it. You know you want to. You like it.Read more

Shiva’s got talent

We all have something we are good at. Sometimes this is called a talent, or a skill, or an ability. What are you good at? Maybe there is something that you do which makes you shout, “Wow! That was amazing. Let me do it again.”  Quite often you don’t know how great you are untilRead more

Shiva and the enchanted forest

  Far far away across oceans of milk and honey, Shiva guards the enchanted forest. If you listen very carefully, you might just hear the haunting howl of the little husky calling to the moon. The trees breathe in and out, in and out to the rhythm of the earth’s beating heart. Their branches reachRead more

Shiva and Camel on the referendum

    Shiva:      Which way did you vote? Camel:     I voted to leave. Shiva:      Why? Camel:     That Farage is a handsome bloke. He looks a lot like me. Which way did you vote? Shiva:       Remain. Camel:      Can we still be friends? Shiva:        Yes. Let’s go dig ourselves out of the hole you’ve got us into.Read more

Shiva and Rolly pull together

Shiva and her friend Rolly are playing with a long stick. Shiva holds one end in her jaw and Rolly holds the other. They both pull. And pull. And pull. Shiva does not want to let go. Rolly does not want to let go. They run together with the stick. They jump together with theRead more

Shiva the space husky learns about time

Shiva is in a space rocket. She looks down at planet Earth. How pretty it looks. It looks like a scoop of blue bubblegum ripple ice-cream. Shiva can see the swirling oceans and the snowy ice caps at the top and the bottom of the world. She can see the continents made up of allRead more

Shiva and the space rocket

  Shiva is the first husky astronaut to go into space.   This is ground control to Shiva. We are all systems go for liftoff. Commencing countdown. Ten … Shiva sits in a space rocket heading for the stars. Nine… Shiva is strapped in, her harness tight, her helmet on. Eight… Shiva breathes deeply. HerRead more

Shiva and the wedding balloon

The stars reflect in Shiva’s eyes on a warm summer’s night. She gazes at the silver moon and lets out a long plaintive howl. A wolf on the balcony in tune with her ancestry, the little husky stirs the hearts of those who hear her. Shiva stares entranced. Orion sparkles. “Twinkle, twinkle little star…” ARead more

Shiva’s B.F.F.

Shiva and the camel make an odd couple, but nevertheless they like each other. Camel is a bit rude. He likes to spit and gnash his big, yellow teeth and kick sand just for fun.  When he laughs, it’s like a whoopee cushion being squashed by a lady with a huge behind. When he walksRead more

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