Husky and the camel

Shiva and the camel A husky and a camel met under a crescent moon.  The husky said to the camel, “Hey camel, keep your distance. They say that your kind spits.” “Who says that my kind spit?” spluttered the camel. “Why, we all know it. Your kind spits!” The camel took a deep breath andRead more

Shiva and the heatwave

It’s too hot for huskies today. The sun is a fierce ball of fire. The world is scorching hot. Shiva pants like a steam train. Huh….Huh…Huh… Her long pink tongue hangs like a floppy ribbon. Lol…Lol…Lol… Shiva is hot. Shiva is sweaty. Shiva is cross. Poor Shiva cannot take off her fur coat. Poor ShivaRead more

Shiva’s pawfect bag

Shiva says this bag is pawfect for your school things like packed lunches and sport kit. Her mom takes it on dog walks too. She puts treats in it and toys, and when Shiva sees it, she knows it’s time for fun. more

Shop with Shiva!

Shiva’s coolest summer 2016 designs are ready. Get ready to Howl with a Husky Called Shiva! more

Shiva shimmies in the shivashop

  Shiva shimmies in the Shivashop. Shiva likes the shiny things. Shiva shops and shops Until she drops. Shiva buys up everything. Shiva shimmies in the Shivashop. Shiva likes the fine designs. Shiva recommends you Check it out. Shiva thinks it is sublime. Shiva shimmies in the Shivashop. There is so much on display. YouRead more

Shiva and the wedding balloon

  “Walkies! Come on Shiva,” calls Daddy. Shiva waits in her bed until Daddy is actually at the front door, shoes on, leash in hand. She knows that it takes Daddy a long time to gather all his belongings; phone, poo bags, treats, coat… “Now, where did I leave my keys? … mmmmmmmmmmmmm.” This usuallyRead more

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