Shiva at the exhibition

Shiva at the exhibition Last night Shiva attended the first art exhibition dedicated to her. The show was called “Howl for Shiva” and included works by the internationally acclaimed artist Sebastian. Sebastian has made a series of works inspired by Shiva. He had been moved, he said, by her stories, and sought to capture theRead more


  The Shiva Manifesto Gross national happiness will replace gross national product. Austerity will give way to generosity. Fiscal policy will be replaced by frisbee policy. There will be free dog chews for everyone. International dog days will take place globally. All dogs will have a loving home. There will be dog parks in everyRead more

Shiva digs digging

“Hey Shiva! What are you doing?” “I’m digging.” “Hey Shiva! What are you digging?” “I’m digging a hole.” “I can see that Shiva. It’s a mighty fine hole.” “Hey Shiva! What’s the hole for?” “A hole, is a hole, is a hole. That’s all.” “Hey Shiva! What’s in the hole?” “A hole is in theRead more

Shiva the refugee

It’s all in the past now, But little vestiges remain, Hinting at the pain inflicted on this gentle girl in a country far away. Shiva cowers when she sees a statue. Shiva shivers when someone walks with a cane. Shiva backs away from strangers. Her rescuers doubted she could ever trust again. No creature shouldRead more

Shiva says “Never Give Up Hope”

Shiva wants you all to know how much she appreciates you liking her page. When she was a poor, abandoned dog on the streets of Sofia, she could never have imagined that life could be this good. So, if you are struggling and unhappy, Shiva wants you to keep going, hang on in there andRead more

What is it Shiva?

Drip                drip                  drip                         drip                         drip                      Read more

Shiva and the flooded field

Out on her afternoon walk, Shiva always runs ahead. She checks back from time to time to make sure mum is keeping up. Shiva is so speedy. Shiva is so agile. She races like a rocket. Blink and you miss her. When mummy calls it’s just as if Shiva slams on the brakes, sinking herRead more

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