Shiva dreams

When Shiva sleeps, what does she dream? Do all the fragments of the day Come back to her mind And play Like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle? The frisbee that her daddy threw. The cross words when she chewed the shoe, Her mummy bought for sixty dollars. The ten k that she ran that day,Read more

Shiva is hiding

Shhh…. Sh. Sh. Sh. Shiva is hiding. Shhh…. Sh. Sh. Sh. Shiva is hiding in the long grass. Shhh…. Sh. Sh. Sh. Shiva thinks we can’t see her. Shhh…don’t make a sound or she will know that we can see. Sh. Sh. Sh. She will know that we can see the tickly grass making herRead more

Shiva and the Squirrel Thief

Shiva watches with a steely gaze. What’s happening Shiva? The squirrel is back again. The squirrel thief is on the balcony. He’s come to steal the bird seed. Shiva watches with a steely gaze. The squirrel thief considers for a moment how best to do the robbery. Shiva watches with a steely gaze. With aRead more

Shiva and her best friends

Shiva and her best friends. Shiva jumps for joy. Shiva does her happy dance. Shiva wears her biggest smile. Shiva is with her friends. Sometimes only friends will do when we feel a little blue or down in the dumps. Shiva skips along the path. The playmates follow through long grass. Adventure is what theyRead more

Shiva loves tea

Up and down. Round about. High and low. Over and under.   Shiva gallops up muddy banks and scurries back down through piles of dry crispy leaves.   Shiva chases her tail.   Up to the top of the hills, clinging on with her claws. And back down again!   Shiva leaps over logs. SheRead more

Shiva steals the food…………..

Shiva sits in the kitchen. Shiva is hungry. Her mummy is cooking. Shiva sniffs, sniffs, sniffs. The food smells so good.   Shiva prowls around the kitchen. Shiva is famished. Her mummy is chopping. Shiva drools, drools, drools. The food looks so good.   Shiva paces in the kitchen. Shiva is starving. Her mummy isRead more

Shiva and the buried treasure

Shiva and the Buried Treasure. Shiva is learning new things. Shiva practices every day. Shiva is getting better and better. Her mummy calls, “Shiva, sit!” Shiva sits. Shiva sits proudly on the grass. Shiva sits proudly on the grass in a bright green field. “Well done, Shiva. Good dog Shiva,” mummy says. She gives ShivaRead more

Shiva gets lost

Shiva gets lost   “Come on Shiva, time for our walk in the woods”   Shiva is excited. She wags her tail. Her ears stand up. Shiva loves running through the dry leaves and scampering up and down hills. She likes to jump over logs. Most of all she likes to drink from the tinyRead more

Shiva Helps the Birds

Shiva helps the birds.   Shhhh… Shiva is quiet. Shiva is quiet, because there is a tiny bird on the balcony. Shhhh… don’t make a sound or it might fly away. Shhhh… Shiva is listening. Shiva is listening to the tiny bird tweeting. Shhhh…Shiva is watching. Shiva is watching the tiny bird hop onto theRead more

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