Run Shiva, Run!

Shiva waits. Shiva waits on the starting line. Shiva is going to race. Excited Shiva sniffs the air. Eager Shiva paws the ground. Lively Shiva pulls on the leash. Ready Steady Go! All the runners are off. Big boys with shaggy dogs. Small girls with yappy dogs. Fat men with smelly dogs. Ladies with fancyRead more

“Shivart” – Seb’s photo collages of Shiva

Thank you Seb! One of Shiva’s friends has made a series of photo collages of her.     We love them. What do you think? If you would like a similar collage of your pet, drop Seb a photo and he will do one for you too. Sebastian Smith is a fine art photographer andRead more

Shiva and the pink harness

Shiva was happy. She was getting ready for a day out. Shiva’s mummy put Shiva in her bright pink harness. Shiva looked smart. Shiva wagged her tail. They were going for a walk in the woods. It was a windy day. Shiva’s ears flapped in the breeze. Shiva sniffed the air. She could smell mushroomyRead more

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